What She Does With These Beauty Blenders Will Make You Buy More


If you are a make up junkie like me, I am sure you have spent thousands of hours on the internet watching videos of the latest tips and tricks that will make give an eyebrow that perfect arch, plump the lips just right or perhaps just give your face a fresh new glow. These videos make our lives simpler and surprisingly, gives us great tips on saving money.

For instance, Youtube sensation, Breland gives us these life hacks as she calls it on beauty blenders that you and I use but never thought could be a multipurpose tool.

In her wacky video, she lists other uses for beauty blenders such as an arts and craft device, a toy for your pet cat, and even as a hair curling tool! Don’t throw out your old beauty blenders and you might find other inventive ways of using these spongy cosmetic miracle.

Video: GlitterForever17 via YouTube