Using Eggshells for You Garden


Spring has sprung so now it is time to start your garden. When you are cooking eggs and throwing away them shells, you are tossing out a powerful element for your garden.

Eggs shells are known to possess the richest source of calcium. The calcium in your egg shells can used to enrich your garden soil and prevent blossom rot.

Plants are prone to this type of rot. Tomatoes are much more prone to this. To lessen the risk of the rot, the eggs shells are added in the soil. The mineral will fight off the rot. So can you just throw in the egg shells are do you need to do something else?

You can store your egg shells just until you are ready to use them. To keep away the bacteria, you can clean them and then blend them in a blender to form a powder and then sprinkle them onto your garden soil. The simple step will help you keep healthy blossoms like you never have.

Video: OneYardRevolution | Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening via YouTube