Top 10 Most Important Medicinal Herbs You Need to Grow


When you are planning your organic garden this spring, you might want to plants some essential medicinal herbs that are great for your health. Herbal medicine is involved in old healing that go back many of thousands of years. Even some of our more modern day medicines come from herbs.

John’s Hopkins Medicine stated that, “Many prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines are also made from plant derivatives, but these products contain only purified ingredients and are regulated by the FDA.” Growing you own natural garden of these herbs is not difficult. They provide you with your own natural health alternatives in the comfort of your home.

There are many different medicinal herbs that are great for growing for their health benefits. You can grow these in containers or in soil beds easily. You may even grow them in an inside garden. The herbs are used for healing ointments, teas, and many other reasons.

The Top Ten Herbs You Need to Grow for Health Benefits


  • This is a recurrent plant. It is widely known for improving the immune system of your body. It is also great for flus, allergies and colds. It boosts the immune system to overpower the illnesses. Echinacea tea is also used for sicknesses and as a herbal supplement to support immune function when needed.


  • This popular herb is real helpful for a sleep aid and a reliever for stress when you use it as a tea. It will also lessen the symptoms of colic in babies, relieve indigestion and skin irritations. Chamomile is best when used an ointment or tea.

St. John’s Wort

  • John’s Wort is better known as a mood enhancer for mild to moderate depression. It is used in Europe and in U.S. to lessen the effects of depression especially, loss of appetite, anxiety and fatigue. You can dry the leaves and flowers to make tea and improve your mood.


  • For gas relief, indigestion, cough and congestions, grow Thyme. You are able to drink it in a tea for eat it’s leaves for that needed relief.


  • After you dry the peppermint, steep it in a tea to relieve you from digestive problems and even gas. The tea will help you lessen a headache pain also.


  • As an easy herb to grow, it is awesome for getting rid of bad breath and gas. It is also great for seasoning food.


  • Many gardeners think of sage to be only used in the kitchen in cooking. Well sage can be used for many medicinal reasons. Such as, swelling of the throat and the mouth.


  • Rosemary is another herb that can be grown and used in a form of tea. This helps improve your, memory, concentration and mood. It will also help with improving your bad breath.


  • Basil is a yearly plant that produces larger leaves than other herbs. If can also be used as a herb that is good for food and even medicinal uses. Basil can also be used for scrapes and cuts. It is used to help improve appetite and is very important to add to your medicinal garden.


  • The herb, Feverfew is known for lessening of headaches, arthritis and fever. All you need to do is brew it into a tea. If can also be used as a chew for its health benefits.

This is not a complete list of the many medicinal herb that should be planted in your garden. This is however, a great list of the better herbs that are known for their effectiveness and can be used for medicinal and cooking reasons.