Surprisingly Effective Car Deodorizers: Tea Bags


If you’re having trouble with your car freshener, you’re not alone. It’s not just the overpowering smell that’s bothersome sometimes. Many of the commercial car fresheners we see in the market don’t really do much to eliminate the strange smells we mysteriously get in our cars. Most of the time, all they do is hide the smell instead of totally removing it.

The simplest solution to this, which was right under our noses and inside our cupboards the whole time, is tea bags. Who would’ve guessed that tea bags were so multi-purposed? All you need is a tea bag or two to hang where you would usually hang your car fresheners and, viola, say bye-bye to those annoying car smells.

Why do tea bags work so well?

So why do tea bags make great car deodorizers? The first reason is because they smell heavenly – that’s a no brainer. If you get the vanilla flavored tea bags or the cinnamon flavored ones to put in your car, your vehicle will smell relaxing, soothing and, maybe, good enough to taste. Also, any tea lover can tell you that there are many more great smelling flavored teas in the market so you have more options as to how you want your car to smell.

The second reason is because tea bags have highly absorbent properties. During the brewing process, they soak up a good amount of liquid. They work the same way when you put them into areas where the air needs to be refreshed.

Benefits of Using Tea Bags as Car Fresheners

In case the benefits of using tea bags as car fresheners weren’t mentioned enough, here are a few more:

  • Most tea bags come in set boxes that cost lesser than most car fresheners. With regard to this, you don’t have to go for expensive tea to get your car smelling fresh and clean. The more affordable ones work just as well.
  • Tea bags don’t just hide odors like commercial car fresheners do, they actually eliminate them. See for yourself!
  • Two bags of tea will last longer than most commercial car fresheners.
  • The good stuff you’re inhaling from tea bags is actually natural. Because tea bags are made up of natural ingredients, you’re not breathing in a synthetic smell that can potentially harm your health in the long run. supports this idea with their article: “What Materials Are Car Air Fresheners Made From?
  • Tea bags can deodorize other things like your garbage can or your kitty litter so if you’re tired of the scent of the tea bag you currently have in your car, you can just replace it with another one and use the old one for deodorizing other areas or objects in the house.

BONUS TIP: Are your shoes stinking from feet sweat? Stuff 2 or 3 dry tea bags into each one to eliminate the smell and the moisture.

Video: OnePotChefShow via YouTube