Say Goodbye To Washing Machine Mold With These DIY Tricks


Mold and mildew exposure can wreak havoc on your health causing coughs, congestion, sore throats and other allergic reactions. And guess what? Whether you’ve even noticed it or not, mold loves to lurk in your front-loading washing machine. The combination of a frequently damp space and a closed container means mold and mildew are happy to take up residence in your washing machine. So how do you get rid of it?

No need to replace your expensive washer or spend extra money to get it fixed, all it takes to get rid of the mold and mildew is a little TLC. Keep in mind, a cleaning a routine for your washing machine should be implemented. You can’t just clean it once every other year and call it good! Yes, the machine uses soap and water and should be somewhat self-cleaning, but the moisture that gets trapped in areas around the machine needs to be tended to.

#1 To knock out the mold clinging in and around the door, it’s best to tackle this problem with bleach. Running an empty load with bleach instead of detergent should wipe out most of it, but you can also soak a rag with a mixture of bleach and water (half and half) and scrub the door area and any problem areas you see.

#2 Following the bleach scrub down,  have the machine run another load, but this time with two cups of vinegar and use the hottest water setting the machine will allow for.

#3 Use a water/vinegar mixture (again, 50/50) to wipe down the detergent dispenser and the door a second time. The detergent dispenser often gets caked with excess soap and will grow mildew and mold in the crevices, so a good cleaning will help stop the spread.

IN BETWEEN WASHES TIP: Leave the washer door open! This will allow the door area to dry between loads—preventing mold from growing.

It just takes a little diligence and TLC to keep the mold and mildew away from your front-loading washing machine!