Crock Pot Cabbage and Corned Beef


Lately we’ve been feeling just a bit Irish. Most of us this time of year is when we are happy to see anyone with an Irish background making the classic cabbage and corned beef. If you have a lot of corned beef and you have no idea on what to do with it, a nice idea would be the Crock Pot Cabbage and Corned Beef Soup. This is a delicious, easy and definitely a crowd-pleaser recipe.


2 large celery stalks, cut in chunks and keep the leaves for the topping

2 large carrots, cut in chunks

2 pounds of ready corned beef, cut in chunks

1 medium yellow onion, diced

1 small green cabbage, thinly sliced

1 bottle dark stout beer

4 cups of beef stock

Salt to taste


  • Put the vegetables, liquids, and meat together in the crock pot on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours.
  • Next, shred the beef with a fork and then serve it in chunks. Put the celery leaves on top.

You’re done, it’s that easy!